Rush Id Member Name Full Name Year of Birth Highest Office
6309 Wolff, Henry Sir Henry Drummond Wolff 1830 Backbencher
8009 Wood, Kingsley Sir Howard Kingsley Wood 1881 Cabinet Minister
6377 Woods, Robert Sir Robert Henry Woods 1865 Backbencher
6268 Wrottesley, John Sir John Wrottesley 1771 Backbencher
6318 Wynn, Watkin Sir Watkin Williams Wynn 1772 Backbencher
1098 Wynn, Watkin Sir Watkin Williams Wynn 1820 Backbencher
6275 Yarde-Buller, John Sir John Buller Yarde-Buller 1799 Backbencher
6356 Young, Frederick Sir Frederick William Young 1876 Backbencher
727 Young, George Sir George Samuel Knatchbull Young 1941 Cabinet Minister
6326 Young, William Sir William Laurence Young 1806 Backbencher
Member (Alternative names)
Sir William (William Fenwick) Williams of Kars (Title)
Sir Glynne (Glynne Earles) Welby-Gregory (A.K.A.)
Sir William (William Rees Morgan) Rees-Davies (A.K.A.)
Sir Nathaniel (Nathaniel Mayer) de Rothschild (A.K.A.)
Sir Philip (Philip) Cunliffe-Lister (A.K.A.)
Sir Arthur (Arthur Edward) Middleton (A.K.A.)