All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Ashton, Rose Arnold Wilson daughter of C.H. Ashton, of Ellesmere, widow of Lieut. Robin Carver
Ashton, Josephine Hector Morison
Ashton, unknown John Hills daughter of Leon Dominic Ashton
Ashton, Alice Albert Roberts daughter of George Ashton
Ashton, Elizabeth Marion James Bryce daughter of Thomas Ashton, of Manchester
Ashurst, Caroline James Stansfeld daughter of William Henry Ashurst, solicitor
Askew, unknown Brooke Robinson daughter of Reverend J. Askew
Aspey, unknown Charles Grey daughter of James Aspey
Aspinall, Marion Elizabeth William Woolley daughter of Edgar Aspinall
Aspinwall, unknown Charles Murray widow of JH Aspinwall and d of Henry Roberts Maddocks
Asquith, unknown Anthony Barber daughter of Milton Asquith
Assheton, Hon. Bridget Marcus Worsley 1926- daughter of Ralph Assheton MP (1st Baron Clitheroe)
Astley, unknown John Cheetham daughter of Francis Dukinfield Palmer Astley
Astley, Lady Florence Claud Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby died 1946 daughter of 3rd Marquis of Conyngham, widow of B.F. Russell Astley
Astley, Betty L'Estrange Newton Lymington, John Maclay died 1974 daughter of Major Delaval Astley, of Wroxham, Norfolk
Astley, unknown Thomas Gisborne widow of Francis Dunkinfield Astley
Astor, Hon. Nancy Phyllis Louise James Willoughby de Eresby died 1975 daughter of 2nd Viscount Astor
Astor, William Waldorf Nancy Astor 1879-1952 MP 1910-1919
Astor, Hon. Mrs Barbara George Ward former wife of Michael Astor MP
Atherley, Helen Myrtle Dorothy Edward Kellett daughter of Arthur Atherley, of Languard Manor, Isle of Wight