All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Atkinson, Elizabeth Robert Gibson
Atkinson, unknown Thomas Beaumont daughter of J. Atkinson, of Maple Hayes, Staffordshire
Atkinson, Ellen Richard Russell died 1942 daughter of William Atkinson, of Wensleydale
Atkinson, Unknown Hugh Hayes widow of Dr Hugh Atkinson
Attree, Anne Wakeford George Whalley daughter of Richard Attree, of Bistearne, Hampshire
Aubrey-Fletcher, Susan Richard Stanley died 1976 daughter of Sir John Aubrey-Fletcher, Bart
Auster, Irene John Wright daughter of A.C. Auster, of Barnt Green
Ayres, unknown Frederick Linfield daughter of William Ayres
Azucki, Lolicia Olivera Jonathan Aitken daughter of O. Azucki, of Zurich