All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Bryson, unknown Andrew Barton daughter of Oliver Bryson
Buchan, Hon. Susan James Douglas-Hamilton daughter of Lord and Lady Tweedsmuir
Buchanan, unknown Albert Jacob daughter of John Buchanan
Buchanan, Mary Lindsay McArthur William Holms daughter of John Buchanan, of Glasgow
Buchanan, Christophena John Fleming daughter of James Buchanan
Buchan-Hepburn, Laelia Helen Donald Somervell died 1945 daughter of Sir Archibald Buchan-Hepburn, Bart
Buck, Isabella Lily Adam Hills
Buckard, Evelyn Mary Colin Turner daughter of Claude H. Buckard, of Ealing
Buckley, Georgiana George Fox daughter of Edward Pery Buckley
Buckley, Elsie John Rhodes daughter of Lieut-Colonel G.A. Maclean Buckley
Buckley, Mary John Guiney
Buckley, Maggie Edward Dunn
Budd, Dorothy Gerald Reynolds daughter of Captain E.V. Budd, of Acton
Buhler, Gladys Thomas Shiels
Bull, unknown Henry Buckingham daughter of William Bull
Bullard, unknown Arthur Salter widow of Arthur Bullard, of Washington DC, U.S.A.
Buller, unknown Thomas Western died 1850 daughter of Edward Buller, of Dilhorne Hall, Staffordshire
Buller, Frances Anne William Pole-Carew died 1902 daughter of John Buller of Morvah, Cornwall
Bullerfield, Jane Lachlan Gordon
Bullock, Mrs Betty Joyce Norman Hulbert