All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Eversfield, Sophia Paget daughter of James Eversfield, of Deane Park, Sussex
Ewing, Jemima Walter Rea daughter of Reverend A. Ewing
Ewing, Stewart Martin Winifred Ewing
Ewing, Fergus Margaret Bain 1957- son of Winifred Ewing MP, brother of Annabelle Ewing MP
Exham, Pamela Percy Browne died 1951
Eyre, Frances Julia Granville Vernon daughter of Anthony Hardolph Eyre, MP before 1832
Eyre, Henrietta Henry Knight daughter of A.E. Eyre, of Grove, Nottinghamshire
Eyre, Tatiana Douglas Hurd
Eyre, unknown Denis Hanley daughter of JP Eyre
Eyre, Mary Letitia daughter of Anthony Hardolpe Eyre, of Grove Park, Nottinghamshire
Eyres, unknown Bolton Eyres-Monsell daughter of HW Eyres
Eyre-Walker, unknown Arthur Wills daughter of W. Eyre-Walker