All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Guggenheim, unknown Castle Stewart daughter of SR Guggenheim
Guggenheimer, Hellen Louise Keith Joseph daughter of Sigmar Guggenheimer of New York
Guillebaud, Frances Sophia William Sharpe daughter of Reverend P. Guillebaud, of Clifton
Guinness, Rupert Iveagh 1874-1967 himself an MP under the title Viscount Elveden
Guinness, Lady Honor Henry Channon daughter of 2nd Earl Iveagh MP
Guinness, Elizabeth Benjamin Guinness died 1865 daughter of Edward Guinness, brewer
Guinness, unknown Alan Lennox-Boyd daughter of 2nd Earl of Iveagh MP (Guinness) and Countess Iveagh MP
Guise, Georgiana Maria Henry Howard daughter of Lieut-General Sir John W. Guise, Bart
Gunter, Helen William Younger daughter of Sir Robert Gunter MP
Gurmin, Sue Jonathan Shaw
Gurney, Jean Elizabeth Patrick Mayhew
Gurney, Agatha Edward Ruggles-Brise died 1937 daughter of J.H. Gurney, of Keswick Hall, Norfolk
Gurney, unknown William Cowper-Temple daughter of Daniel Gurney
Gurney, unknown John Mayhew daughter of Captain Francis Gurney
Gurney, Priscilla William Leatham daughter of Samuel Gurney, of West Ham
Guthrie, Lilias Georgina James Rodd daughter of James Alexander Guthrie, of Craigie
Guthrie, unknown Archibald James daughter of Murray Guthrie MP
Guthrie, Annie Stephen Williamson daughter of Reverend Thomas Guthrie, of Edinburgh
Gwillym, Thelma John Golding daughter of Sidney Gwillym