All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Huntington, Florence Kate Herbert Whiteley daughter of W. Balle Huntington
Huntley, Katherine Edith Isabella Thomas Thornhill daughter of Richard Hodgson Huntley, of Carham Hall, Northumberland
Huntly, Lady Catherine Charles Cavendish daughter of 9th Marquis of Huntly
Huron, unknown Edward Blake daughter of Bishop Huron
Hurst, Sarah Emanuel Shinwell died 1977
Hurst, unknown Ernest Lamb daughter of WJ Hurst
Hurt, unknown John Ryle daughter of Mr Hurt, of Wirksworth
Huson, unknown Octavius Leigh-Clare daughter of William Huson
Hutchison, Jessie Alexander Scott daughter of Dr John Hutchison, Rector of Glasgow High School
Hutchison, Inger Arthur Henniker-Hughan died 1923 daughter of Graham Hutchison
Hutchison, Caroline Victoria Oliphant Michael Marshall daughter of A.O. Hutchison
Huxley, Janet Tony Newton daughter of Philip Huxley
Hyam, Fanny Herbert Leon daughter of David Hyam
Hyde, Marion Walter Hudson
Hyde Johnson, Audrey Peter Eckersley
Hyndman, unknown daughter of James Hyndman MD
Hynes, unknown William Duffy daughter of Patrick Hynes
Hyslop, Emma Eleanor Elizabeth Melgund daughter of General Sir Thomas Hyslop, Bart