All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Rushworth, Lucy Benjamin Riley daughter of J. Rushworth, of Halifax
Rusk, unknown Justin McCarthy, John Maginnis daughter of RJ Rusk
Russell, Julia Ralph Neville daughter of Sir Robert Frankland Russell
Russell, Olive Anna Daphne Robert Scott daughter of J.T. Russell, of Ballygasson House, County Louth
Russell, unknown Arthur Humphreys-Owen daughter of James Russell QC
Russell, unknown Joseph Bailey daughter of WC Russell
Russell, Laura Mulgrave daughter of Captain Robert Russell, R.N.
Russell, unknown Hubert Carr-Gomm daughter of Norreys Russell
Russell, Eliza Cameron
Russell, Marie Charles Rudkin daughter of Thomas Russell
Russell, Norah David Ensor
Russell, unknown John Lort-Williams daughter of Edward Russell
Russell, unknown Stephen Collins daughter of William Russell
Russell, unknown John Lee daughter of James Russell
Russell, Eillen Mary Lambert Ernest Kinghorn
Russell, Dr James Christine Russell
Rust, unknown Michael Foster daughter of George Rust JP
Rutley, Winnie James Griffiths
Rutt, Rachel Thomas Talfourd daughter of John Towell Rutt
Ruxton, Anne Edward Lucas daughter of W. Ruxton, of Ruxtee House