All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Ryan, unknown John O'Connell daughter of Dr Ryan, of Dublin
Ryan, Phyllis Sean O'Kelly daughter of John Ryan, of County Wexford
Ryan, Nora Thomas O'Donnell daughter of Michael Ryan, of Killorglin
Ryan, unknown Henry Cotton daughter of James Ryan
Ryan, unknown Arthur Elliot daughter of Sir Charles Lister Ryan
Ryder, Anna Sophia George Grey daughter of Bishop of Lichfield
Ryder, Lady Georgiana Elizabeth John Stuart-Wortley daughter of 1st Earl of Harrowby
Ryder, Dorothy Dudley Thomas Watts daughter of Alfred Ryder, of Durban, Natal
Ryder, unknown John Lees-Jones daughter of John Ryder
Ryder, Gladys Edward Cobb
Ryder, Dorothy Ronald Ross daughter of Reverend Algernon Dudley Ryder, of Maresfield, Sussex
Ryder, unknown Robert Armitage daughter of Dudley H Ryder
Ryder, Lady Susan Ebrington daughter of Earl of Harrowby
Rye, unknown Charles Garland daughter of Alfred Rye
Ryman, John Shirley Summerskill 1930-