All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Unknown, Unknown Gavin Shuker As married to Gavin Shuker
Unknown, Unknown Nick Smith As married to Nick Smith
Unknown, Unknown Owen Smith As married to Owen Smith
Unknown, Unknown Valerie Vaz As married to Valerie Vaz
Unknown, Unknown Chris Williamson 1997-2004 As married to Chris Williamson. Died in 2004.
Unknown, Unknown Chris Williamson As married to Chris Williamson
Unknown, Unknown John Woodcock As married to John Woodcock
Unknown, Unknown Chris Davies As married to Chris Davies
Unknown, Unknown John Finucane
Unknown, Unknown David Morris
Unwin, Henrietta Mary John Heathcoat-Amory daughter of William Unwin
Unwin, unknown Arthur Davies daughter of J Brooke Unwin MD
Unwin, Sarah Ann William Byles daughter of Stephen Unwin, of Colchester
Upcher, Mildred Jessie John Cordeaux
Urquhart, Mary Isabella William Pollard-Urquhart daughter of William Urquhart, of Craigston Castle, Aberdeenshire
Usborne, Christine Phillip Whitehead daughter of T.G. Usborne
Usher, unknown Chichester Crookshank daughter of Andrew Usher
Usher, Hazel Jean Anthony Stodart died 1995 daughter of Ronald James Usher
Ussher, unknown John Foster daughter of John Ussher