Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Wood, Agnes Gordon John Taylor daughter of William Wood
Wood, unknown John Henry daughter of Thomas Wood, of Bishopswearmouth
Wood, Katherine William O'Shea daughter of Sir John Page Wood, Bart, of Rivenhall Place, Essex
Wood, unknown Luke White died 1916 daughter of A. Wood, of York
Wood, Sarah John Biffen previously married - Wood was her married surname
Wood, Hon. Blanche Edith Henry Lowry-Corry 1851- daughter of 1st Viscount Halifax
Wood, unknown John Norton-Griffiths daughter of Thomas Wood
Wood, Edith Patrick Bartley
Wood, Elizabeth Frances Henry Sheridan daughter of Reverend J. Wood
Woodcock, Sarah Ralph Thicknesse daughter of John Woodcock, of Newburgh, Lancashire
Woodcock, Mary Anne Ralph Thicknesse daughter of Thomas Woodcock, of Wigan; Thicknesse's cousin
Woodfall, Lynie Hardinge Giffard
Woodfield, unknown John Jarvis daughter of Edwin Woodfield
Woodford, Susan George Upton daughter of Lieut-General Sir Alexander Woodford
Woodgate, Louisa John Vivian died 1855 daughter of Henry Woodgate
Woodhouse, Harold James Selbourne Vera Terrington 1877-1940 son of 1st Baron Terrington
Woodhouse, Joyce M. Michael Winstanley
Woodlock, Joanna Mary Dominic Corrigan
Woodruff, Grace Lowry Albert Stanley daughter of Edward L. Woodruff
Woods, unknown Edward Beauchamp daughter of Archibald Woods