Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Woollcombe, Harriet Kenneth Macaulay, Thomas Macnamara daughter of William Woollcombe
Woolley, unknown Edward Coates daughter of Captain Phillip Woolley
Woolrych, Eliza Camilla James Clay daughter of Joseph Allen Woolrych, of Weobley, Shropshire
Wootton, Shirley Gertrude Mabel James Wootton-Davies daughter of Professor William Bale Wootton
Work, Frances James Roche daughter of Frank Work, of New York, U.S.A.
Worsley, Winifred Mary Arthur Colegate died 1955 daughter of Sir William Worsley, Bart; widow of Captain Francis Pemberton
Wortabet, unknown Arthur Fell daughter of Dr Wortabet
Worthington, Shirley Anthony Royle daughter of J.R. Worthington
Wortley, Victoria Alexandrina William Welby daughter of Hon. Charles and Lady Emmeline Stuart Wortley
Wray, unknown Ralph Beaumont daughter of Brig Gen Cecil Wray
Wray, Cecil Mary Henry Wilson daughter of George Cecil Gore Wray, of Ardnamona, County Donegal
Wren, Theodosia Chandos Wren-Hoskyns daughter of Christopher Wren, of Wroxhall Abbey, Warwickshire
Wright, Emily William Seymour daughter of Joseph John Wright, of Sunderland
Wright, Josephine Henrietta Henry Wright daughter of Reverend J. Adolphus Wright
Wright, Mary John Morgan daughter of William Lord Wright, of Scarborough
Wright, unknown William Du Pre daughter of Captain H Townely Wright
Wright, unknown Sheila Wright
Wright, Paul H.G. Beatrice Rathbone
Wright, unknown Jesse Russell daughter of J. Smith Wright, of Rempstone, Nottinghamshire
Wrightson, Lucy Fredric Wise daughter of Sir Thomas Wrightson MP, Bart