Junior Whip

Rush Id Member Name Full Name Year of Birth Highest Office
4012 Ford, Patrick Sir Patrick Johnstone Ford 1880 Junior Whip
1627 Forester, George Mr George Cecil Weld Forester 1807 Junior Whip
8924 Fortescue, Tim Mr Trevor Victor Norman Fortescue 1916 Junior Whip
1659 Galway, George Edward George Edward Galway 1805 Junior Whip
4056 Gammans, David Mr Leonard David Gammans 1895 Junior Whip
4083 Gibbs, George Mr George Abraham Gibbs 1873 Junior Whip
1713 Graham-Montgomery, Graham Sir Graham Graham-Montgomery 1823 Junior Whip
7903 Gray, Frank Mr Frank Gray 1880 Junior Whip
8654 Gray, Hamish Mr James Hector Northey Gray 1927 Junior Whip
4192 Groves, Thomas Mr Thomas Edward Groves 1884 Junior Whip
4214 Haden-Guest, Leslie Dr Leslie Haden Haden-Guest 1877 Junior Whip
1762 Hamilton, Claud Lord Claud John Hamilton 1843 Junior Whip
7379 Hamilton, James Marquess Of James Albert Edward Hamilton 1869 Junior Whip
6502 Hamilton, Jimmy Mr James Hamilton 1918 Junior Whip
8763 Hamilton, Michael Mr Michael Aubrey Hamilton 1918 Junior Whip
4237 Hamling, William Mr William Hamling 1912 Junior Whip
4272 Harvie-Watt, George Sir George Steven Harvie-Watt 1903 Junior Whip
2239 Haviland-Burke, Edmund Mr Edmund Haviland-Burke 1864 Junior Whip
6675 Haworth, Arthur Mr Arthur Adlington Haworth 1865 Junior Whip
6452 Hay, John Lord John Hay 1793 Junior Whip