Full Name Short name Notes
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland Alliance
Anti-Waste League AWL
Brexit Party BRE Founded in January 2019.
British Socialist Party BSP
British Union of Fascists BUF
Change UK CUK Formed on 18 April 2019; dissolved on 19 December 2019.
Christian Pacifist Christian Pacifist Description of an individual, rather than an organised party
Coalition Conservative Co. Con. In Coalition government of 1918-1922.
Coalition Liberal Co. Lib. In Coalition government of 1918-1922.
Coalition National Democratic Party Co. NDP In Coalition government of 1918-1922.
Common Wealth Party CW
Communist Party Communist
Communist Workers' Party CW
Conservative-Liberal Cons-Lib
Conservative Party Conservative
Constitutionalist Const A label used by some politicans standing for Parliament in the 1920s. However, there was no party organisation called the Constitutionalist Party. Candidates using this label who were elected did not act or vote together as a group, taking the whip of other parties.
Co-operative Party Co-op.
Democratic Unionist Party DUP
Empire Free Trade Crusade Empire Crusader
Free Trader FT