Rush Id Member Name Full Name Year of Birth Highest Office
5284 Oppenheim, Sally Mrs Sally Oppenheim 1930 Minister of State
538 Organ, Diana Mrs Diana Mary Organ 1952 Backbencher
5333 Paton, Florence Mrs Florence Beatrice Paton 1891 Backbencher
9358 Peacock, Elizabeth Mrs Elizabeth Joan Peacock 1937 Backbencher
5388 Philipson, Mabel Mrs Mabel Philipson 1887 Backbencher
6347 Rathbone, Beatrice Mrs Beatrice Fredericka Rathbone 1910 Backbencher
5534 Rees, Dorothy Mrs Dorothy Mary Rees 1898 Parliamentary Private Secretary
5575 Ridealgh, Mabel Mrs Mabel Ridealgh 1898 Backbencher
5845 Robinson, Iris Mrs Iris Robinson 1949 Backbencher
579 Roche, Barbara Mrs Barbara Maureen Roche 1954 Minister of State
580 Roe, Marion Mrs Marion Audrey Roe 1936 Backbencher
3961 Rumbold, Angela Mrs Angela Christina Rosemary Rumbold 1932 Minister of State
5638 Runciman, Hilda Mrs Hilda Runciman 1869 Backbencher
5640 Runge, Norah Mrs Norah Cecil Runge 1884 Backbencher
593 Russell, Christine Mrs Christine Margaret Russell 1945 Backbencher
7974 Shaw, Helen Mrs Helen Brown Shaw 1879 Backbencher
607 Shephard, Gillian Mrs Gillian Patricia Shephard 1940 Cabinet Minister
7029 Shields, Elizabeth Mrs Elizabeth L. Shields 1928 Backbencher
9282 Short, Renée Mrs Renée Short 1916 Backbencher
5770 Slater, Harriet Mrs Harriet Slater 1903 Junior Whip
Member (Alternative names)
Mrs Margaret (Margaret Mary) Beckett (Married Surname)
Mrs Margaret (Margaret Anne) Ewing (A.K.A.)
Mrs Norah (Norah Cecil) Ross (A.K.A.)