Rush Id Member Name Full Name Year of Birth Highest Office
1474 De Ferrieres, Charles Baron Charles Conrad Adolphus De Ferrieres 1823 Backbencher
3695 De Forest, Maurice Baron Maurice Arnold De Forest 1879 Backbencher
1486 De Worms, Henry Baron Henry De Worms 1840 Parliamentary Secretary
1497 Dimsdale, Robert Baron Robert Dimsdale 1828 Backbencher
784 Rothschild, Ferdinand de Baron Ferdinand James de Rothschild 1839 Backbencher
3706 Rothschild, Lionel de Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild 1808 Backbencher
785 Rothschild, Mayer de Baron Mayer Amschel de Rothschild 1818 Backbencher
7262 Talbot, James Baron James Talbot 1805 Backbencher
Member (Alternative names)
Baron Mayer (Mayer Amschel) de Rothschild (A.K.A.)
Baron Lionel (Lionel Nathan) de Rothschild (A.K.A.)
Baron Talbot of Malahide (A.K.A.)
Baron Dunsany (Title)
Baron Ferdinand (Ferdinand James) de Rothschild (A.K.A.)