Pressure group

Political Organisation
League Against Cruel Sports
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Friends of the Earth
Chamber of Commerce
No Conscription Fellowship
Railway Workers' One Union Movement
Anti-Socialist Union
Empire Press Union
Political Union
West Kent Agricultural Protection Association
Womens Organisation
Workers Film Association
TUC General Council
Smoke Abatement League
Post Office Users National Council
Peoples Suffrage Federation
Fabian Society
Irish Land League
Conservative Trade Union Association
War on Want
National Secular Society
Anti-Corn Law League
Tariff Reform League
General Council of TUC
League for Democracy in Greece
Shipbuilding Employers Federation
Film Producers Association
Land Nationalisation Society
Welsh Disestablishment Campaign
British Council for International Understanding
National Institute for the Blind
National League
Land League
Child Poverty Action Group
Property Defence Association
Cork Defence Union
Evicted Tenants' Association
Allotments and Smallholdings Association
Poor Law Union
Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society
Medical campaign against nuclear weapons
Scottish Medical Campaign for Nicaragua
PGB-Clyde Workers Committee
South African Association
National Union of Manufacturers
Brewers' Society
National Freehold Land Society
Temperance Council
Council of Agriculture
Age Concern
Union of Democratic Control
Property Owners Protection Association
Municipal Reform League
Friends of Russian Freedom
British Workers' League
Thames Conservancy Board
Small Business Bureau
National Land League
Hotels and Restaurants Association
Institute of Directors
Association of Municipal Corporations
Aborigines Protection Society
Campaign for European Political Community
National Council for One Parent Families
E&W Ridings Reg Board for Industry
Carers' National Association
Land & Nation League
Free Library Movement
Social Democratic Federation
Band of Hope & Temperance Union
Association of Chambers of Commerce
El Salvador Solidarity
Anti-Common Market League
National Federation for the Disabled and Discharged
Plebs League
Tariff Reform Scouts
Scottish Old Age Pensioners Association
Irish Trade Congress
National Trades Union
Workers' Temperance League
Liverpool Steamship Owners Association
Campaign for Welsh Assembly
United Kingdom Alliance
Trim Union
Fight the Famine Council
Victory for Socialism
Common Market Campaign
Indian Workers' Association
Leasehold Enfranchisement Association
National Association of Fire Officers
Welsh Nationalist
National Union of Students
Clergy Defence Association
Imperialist Union
Home Rule Union
National Confederation Employers' Organisations
Birmingham Political Union
Scottish Labour Housing Association
English League for the Taxation of Land Values
World Development Movement
Empire Day Movement
South Wales Regional Council of Labour
Anti-Nazi League
Irish Protestant Home Rule Association
United Empire Trade League
National Union
Freedom Association
Tenants' Defence League
Catholic Emigration Society
Unionist Workers' League
National League for Freedom
Highland Land League
Socialist International
Country Landowners' Association
Land and Labour Association
Institute of Workers' Control
Irish Home Rule Confederation of Great Britain
All-for-Ireland League
Transport 2000
Social and Political Education League
National Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship
Political and Economic Planning
Land Union
Anglo-Indian Temperance Association
Scottish Temperance League
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Shaftesbury Society
London Rugged School Union
County Councils Association
Howard League for Penal Reform
National Council for Civil Liberties
Prisoners Aid Society
Get Britain Out Campaign
Nicaraguan Solidarity Campaign
Professional Association of Teachers
Anti-Slavery Society
Palestine Jewish Colonisation Association
Institute of Race Relations
National Adult School Union
International Textile Workers' Federation
National Alliance of Women's Organisations
Conservative Cooperative Movement
Land Values Taxation League
Land Law Reform Association
Protestant Home Rule Association
British Medical Association
National Farmers Union
Rural Labourers' League
League of Mercy
Imperial Federation League
One World
Low Pay Unit
National Anti-Excise Association
Reform League
Home Rule Confederation of Great Britain
Empire Industries Association
Unionist Free Trader
League for Freedom
Young Britons Organisation
Womens' Advisory Committee
Ulster Unionist Labour Association
Charter '88
Leather Producers Association
Church Action on Poverty
National Federation Association of Teachers
Association for Preservation of Rural Scotland
European Movement
Durham Political Reform Association
Common Market Safeguards Committee
House Builders' Federation
Glasgow Iron Trade Association
United Kingdom Commercial Travellers' Association
National Anti-Gambling League
Proportional Representation Society
National Federation of Chief Professional Workers
National Parliamentary and Financial Reform Association
Hands Off Russia Council
Law Amendment Society
Legal Education Association
British Armenia Committee
Labour Co-Partnership Association
League of Nations Society
International Co-operative Alliance
National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies
Huddersfield Council for Civil Liberties
Free Trade Union
British Chambers of Commerce
Teachers' Labour League
Sound Currency Association
Empire Economic Union
Scottish Home Rule Association
Ulster Farmers' Union
Union Defence League
Irish National Federation
Economic League
Blind Persons' Action Committee
Civil Rights Association
Irish Industrial Development Association
Repeal Association
Institute of Clayworkers
Irish Land and Labour Association
Socialist Environment and Research Association
British Sailing Ship Owners Association
Association of Professional Political Consultants
HOPE not hate
Society of Black Lawyers
Young Fabians