Unknown (Other private)

Category: Other private
Notes: None


  1. Charles Brown

    Notes: may have been self-educated

  2. Denys Bullard

  3. Edmund Haviland-Burke

    Notes: abroad

  4. John Candlish

  5. Edward Carson

    Notes: Portarlington

  6. William Chaplin

    Notes: Bromley

  7. Edward Carlile

    Notes: abroad

  8. Walter Clough

    Notes: Huddersfield

  9. Henry Cobb

    Notes: Rev JP Malleson's, Brighton

  10. Arthur Cohen

    Notes: Gymnasium Frankfort-c-Maine

  11. Harry Chilcott

  12. Alan Chorlton

  13. Stuart Coats

    Notes: USA

  14. George Clark

    Notes: Cambridge

  15. Clifford Cory

    Notes: overseas

  16. James Cory

    Notes: Tregony, Cornwall

  17. William Cotts

    Notes: Wallace Hall Academy

  18. Alfred Critchley

    Notes: Canada

  19. Joseph Crosland

  20. Thomas Crosland

  21. John Cullinan

  22. Charles Cowan

    Notes: Edinburgh

  23. Harry Cotton

    Notes: Sherbourne

  24. Horace Trevor Cox

    Notes: abroad

  25. Marriott Dalway

  26. Somerset De Chair

    Notes: Kings School, New South Wales

  27. Charles Devlin

    Notes: Montreal College

  28. Joan Davidson

  29. Charles Diamond

  30. Thomas Duckham

  31. Desmond Donnelly

    Notes: IOW

  32. Bruce Douglas-Mann

    Notes: Canada

  33. George Duffy

    Notes: France

  34. John McCarthy

  35. John Duckworth

    Notes: Rishton.

  36. Benjamin Armitage

    Notes: Barton Hall School, Manchester

  37. Arthur Arnold

  38. John Blades

    Notes: Oswestry

  39. Rowland Blennerhassett

  40. George Bowyer

    Notes: may have had private tuition

  41. Thomas Bramsdon

  42. William Briggs

  43. Horatio Bottomley

    Notes: Masons College- not sure of location

  44. William Byles

  45. Laurence Baily

    Notes: possibly abroad

  46. Emerson Bainbridge

    Notes: concurrent with apprenticeship

  47. Jabez Balfour

    Notes: abroad

  48. John Ball

  49. Alfred Barnes

  50. Frederic Barnes

  51. John Barran

  52. James Bailey

  53. Frederick Banbury

    Notes: abroad

  54. Nancy Astor

    Notes: USA

  55. Charles Baldwin

  56. Edward Ball

    Notes: Bromley

  57. Percy Barlow

  58. Robert Balfour

    Notes: Madras College

  59. John Barlow

    Notes: USA, Haverford College

  60. Barrington

  61. George Barry

    Notes: Royal School ,Mauritius

  62. William Baxter

  63. Edward Bayley

  64. Marcus Beresford

  65. George Bethell

  66. William Bickford-Smith

    Notes: Saltash and Plymouth

  67. William Birkmyre

  68. Thomas Bayley

    Notes: Amersham

  69. Charles Beresford

  70. William Beale

    Notes: Birmingham?

  71. Edward Beauchamp

  72. Francis Bennett-Goldney

    Notes: Bournemouth and Paris

  73. Francis Bernard

  74. Peter Bessell

    Notes: Bath

  75. William Birkett

  76. Arthur Black

    Notes: Nottingham. Status of school uncertain

  77. Richard Bell

    Notes: not really known

  78. William Bull

    Notes: St Mary's Academy

  79. William Brown

    Notes: Catterick, Yorkshire

  80. Henry Duke

  81. William Duthie

  82. Lachlan Gordon

    Notes: Edinburgh

  83. Lachlan Gordon

    Notes: abroad

  84. Albert Dunn

  85. John Dunn

    Notes: Tasmania

  86. Duncan

  87. Charles Donaldson

    Notes: Canada

  88. Henry Eaton

  89. John Ellis

    Notes: Richmond, Surrey

  90. Sydney Evershed

    Notes: Newport, IOW

  91. John Emlyn-Jones

    Notes: Spain and Italy

  92. William Evans-Gordon

    Notes: abroad

  93. Bertram Falle

    Notes: Jersey

  94. William Fagan

    Notes: Southall Pk, Middlesex

  95. Francis Evans

    Notes: Manchester

  96. Francis Evans

    Notes: abroad

  97. Richard Fairbairn

    Notes: Toronto

  98. Albert Fuller

    Notes: Cambridge

  99. James Figgins

    Notes: Esher

  100. John Fitzgerald

    Notes: Manchester

  101. John Fleming

    Notes: Dundee

  102. John Kebty-Fletcher

    Notes: Liverpool

  103. John Kebty-Fletcher

    Notes: continent

  104. William Foster

    Notes: abroad

  105. Richard Fothergill

    Notes: Military Academy, Edin

  106. Robert Gee

    Notes: Countesthorpe Cott

  107. John Gibbons

    Notes: Wolverhampton

  108. George Gillett

    Notes: Society of Friends, Scarborough

  109. Henry Gipps

  110. Albert Grant

    Notes: London

  111. Albert Grant

    Notes: Paris

  112. Samuel Graves

  113. Edward Green

    Notes: abroad

  114. Richard Green-Price

    Notes: Worcester

  115. Thomas Greer

  116. James Grieve

    Notes: Dumfriesshire

  117. Philip Goodhart

    Notes: USA

  118. Lachlan Gordon

    Notes: Edinburgh

  119. Lachlan Gordon

    Notes: abroad

  120. Frances Graves

    Notes: abroad

  121. Milner Gray

    Notes: Greenwich

  122. Thomas Haliburton

    Notes: King's Coll, Windsor, Nova Scotia

  123. George Hanna

    Notes: Gracehill Acad

  124. George Hanna

    Notes: Ballymena Acad

  125. John Harris

    Notes: King Alfred's, Wantage

  126. Brian Harrison

    Notes: Geelong Grammar, Australia

  127. William Jackson

  128. John Hick

  129. Arthur Hill

  130. Edward Hill

    Notes: and abroad

  131. William Hodgson

  132. Charles Hopwood

  133. William Hornby

    Notes: Greenwich

  134. Robert Jardine

  135. Frederick Horner

    Notes: abroad

  136. Emslie Horniman

  137. Ernest Jardine

  138. Ralph Hudson

    Notes: abroad

  139. John Kebty-Fletcher

    Notes: Liverpool

  140. John Kebty-Fletcher

    Notes: continent

  141. Edward Jenkins

    Notes: Montreal

  142. James Joicey

  143. Henry Jones

  144. Leifchild Jones

    Notes: abroad-Melbourne

  145. John Keay

  146. John Kelk

    Notes: DR Benson's School, Hounslow

  147. Frederick Kellaway

    Notes: Bishopston, Bristol

  148. William Kendall

    Notes: Halifax, Canada

  149. Charles Kerr

    Notes: Windsor

  150. Lawrence Kimball

    Notes: abroad

  151. William Kirk

  152. Nathaniel Lambert

  153. William Laslett

    Notes: at Worcester

  154. George Loch

  155. Ignatius Lincoln

  156. Jocelyn Lucas

  157. George Lyall

    Notes: abroad

  158. Arthur Lever

    Notes: abroad

  159. Claude Lowther

    Notes: Overseas

  160. Cyril Lloyd

    Notes: abroad

  161. John Wilson

    Notes: in Germany

  162. John Wilson

    Notes: in Glasgow

  163. James Williamson

    Notes: in Cheshire

  164. Patrick McDermott

  165. William Mather

    Notes: in Germany

  166. Henry Marks

    Notes: Athenee Royale Brussels

  167. Robert Lyons

  168. Robert Macfie

    Notes: Leith

  169. Frank Mandeville

    Notes: France

  170. Samuel Marling

  171. Bryan Magee

    Notes: Versailles

  172. John McCallum

  173. Charles McFarlane

    Notes: Glasgow

  174. William McKeag

    Notes: Belmont

  175. John Mackie

    Notes: Edinburgh

  176. Adam Maitland

  177. John Ellison-Macartney

    Notes: in Germany

  178. Donald Nicol

    Notes: Glasgow

  179. Cecil Norton

  180. Bernard Molloy

    Notes: Germany

  181. Samuel Morris

    Notes: Dublin

  182. Robert Norton

  183. Alpheus Morton

    Notes: Canada

  184. John Mendelson

    Notes: abroad

  185. Joseph Mullings

    Notes: Devizes

  186. John Nation

    Notes: abroad

  187. Charles Neate

    Notes: Bourbon, Paris

  188. William Murray

    Notes: Dr Burney's Naval Academy, Gosport

  189. John Norris

    Notes: Oxon

  190. Charles Murray

  191. Richard Morris

  192. William Mitchell

    Notes: London

  193. William Mitchell

    Notes: Paris

  194. Harry Morris

    Notes: Gravesend

  195. Charles White

    Notes: at Tetbury, Gloucestershire

  196. Iain Mills

    Notes: S Africa

  197. William Wellwood

  198. Sidney Webb

    Notes: in Switzerland and Germany

  199. Alfred Webb

  200. Thomas Wayman

    Notes: Halifax

  201. Francis Watson

    Notes: in France

  202. Walter De Frece

    Notes: in Brussels

  203. Albert Ward

    Notes: in Paris and Darmstadt

  204. Gerard Vaughan

    Notes: in East Africa

  205. Kenyon Vaughan-Morgan

    Notes: in France and Germany

  206. Joan Vickers

    Notes: in Paris

  207. Daniel Thwaites

    Notes: at Blackburn

  208. Charles Townsend

    Notes: in Leeds and Bristol

  209. John Townsend

    Notes: at Deptford and Fairford, Gloucestershire

  210. Charles Tanner

    Notes: in Paris

  211. Daniel Taylor

    Notes: at Coleraine

  212. Hugh Taylor

    Notes: at Newcastle-upon-Tyne

  213. Robert Tennent

  214. Bonar Law

    Notes: in Canada

  215. Vera Terrington

    Notes: Overseas

  216. Abraham Thomas

    Notes: at Milford Haven

  217. Leslie Thomas

  218. William King-Hall

    Notes: at Lausanne

  219. Arthur Otway

    Notes: at Saxe Meinengen, Germany

  220. Daniel O'Leary

  221. Conor O'Kelly

    Notes: in Dublin

  222. John O'Dowd

    Notes: at Albany, U.S.A.

  223. Patrick O'Brien

  224. Thomas Quinn

    Notes: at Longford and Mullingar

  225. Alfred Raper

    Notes: in Brussels

  226. Herbert Raphael

    Notes: Overseas

  227. Henry Rawlinson

    Notes: at Ealing

  228. Walter Rea

    Notes: abroad

  229. Charles Renshaw

    Notes: in Germany

  230. George Renwick

    Notes: in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

  231. Henry Richard

    Years: 1

    Notes: in Wales

  232. Albion Richardson

    Notes: in France and Germany

  233. Jonathan Richardson

    Notes: at Lisburn

  234. Jonathan Richardson

    Notes: at Southgate, Hertfordshire

  235. Malcolm Robertson

    Notes: abroad

  236. Thomas Robinson

  237. Augustine Roche

  238. William Roden

    Notes: at Bristol

  239. John Rodgers

    Notes: in France

  240. Thomas Roe

    Notes: in Derby

  241. John Rogerson

    Notes: at Durham

  242. Lionel de Rothschild

    Notes: at Göttingen, Germany

  243. James de Rothschild

    Notes: in Paris

  244. Clement Royds

    Notes: Abroad

  245. Edward Russell

  246. Hartley Shawcross

    Years: 2

    Notes: in Geneva

  247. Marcus Samuel

    Notes: Abroad

  248. Samuel Samuel

    Notes: in London and Paris

  249. Charles Seely

    Notes: at Lincoln

  250. Albert Stanley

  251. Walter Shaw

  252. Berkeley Sheffield

    Notes: in France and Germany

  253. Joseph Sidebotham

  254. Tom Sidebottom

  255. Thomas Sidney

    Notes: at Stafford

  256. John Simpson

    Notes: in Germany, Switzerland and France

  257. Thomas Sinclair

    Notes: Several locations on the Continent

  258. Donald Smeaton

  259. Edward Smith

    Notes: in France

  260. Alexander Campbell

    Notes: Edinburgh.