Surname type: Married Surname

Member Alternative Name
Katharine Marjory Atholl Katharine (Katharine Marjory) Stewart-Murray (Married Surname)
Louise Bagshawe Louise (Louise Daphne) Mensch (Married Surname)
Vera Baird Vera (Vera) Taylor-Gooby (Married Surname)
Helen Brinton Helen (Helen Rosemary) Clark (Married Surname)
Freda Corbet Freda (Freda K├╝nzlen) Campbell (Married Surname)
Dehenna Davison Dehenna (Dehenna Sheridan) Fareham (Married Surname)
Bernadette Devlin Bernadette (Josephine Bernadette) McAliskey (Married Surname)
Llin Golding Llin (Llin) Lewis (Married Surname)
Priscilla Jean Fortescue Grant of Monymusk Priscilla (Priscilla Jean Fortescue) Buchan (Married Surname)
Priscilla Jean Fortescue Grant of Monymusk Lady Tweedsmuir (Married Surname)
Margaret Hodge Margaret (Margaret Eve) Watson (Married Surname)
Gwendolyn Florence Mary Iveagh Lady Gwendolyn (Gwendolyn Florence Mary) Guinness (Married Surname)
Margaret Jackson Mrs Margaret (Margaret Mary) Beckett (Married Surname)
Elaine Kellett-Bowman Elaine (Mary Elaine) Kellett-Bowman (Married Surname)
Anne Kerr Anne (Anne Patricia) Clark (Married Surname)
Simon Kirby Simon (Simon Gerard) Radford-Kirby (Married Surname)
Lia Nici Lia (Lia) Nici-Townend (Married Surname)
Lucy Edith Noel-Buxton Edith (Lucy Edith) Buxton (Married Surname)
Beatrice Rathbone Beatrice (Beatrice Fredericka) Wright (Married Surname)
Vera Terrington Vera (Vera Florence Annie) Lensvelt (Married Surname)