Union of Post Office Workers

Short name: UPW
Notes: Founded in 1919 by the merger of the Postmen's Federation, Postal and Telegraph Clerks' Association and the Fawcett Association. Became the Union of Communication Workers in 1920 and in 1995 the Communication Workers' Union.


  1. Charles Ammon member

  2. Charles Ammon officer

    Organising Secretary

  3. Charles Morris member

  4. Charles Morris sponsored by

  5. Walter Baker officer


  6. Dennis Hobden member

  7. Dennis Hobden sponsored by

  8. William Williams member

    Assistant Secretary, 1940-1952

  9. George Middleton member

  10. George Middleton sponsored by

  11. George Middleton officer

  12. Charles Morris officer

    Nat Ex

  13. Harry Wallace officer

    Assistant Secretary

  14. Harry Randall officer