Members born in this country

Rush Id Member Name Full Name Year of Birth Highest Office
754 Alexander, Claud Mr Claud Alexander 1831 Backbencher
9522 Alexander, Danny Mr Daniel Grian Alexander 1972 Backbencher
60 Alexander, Douglas Mr Douglas Garven Alexander 1967 Minister of State
6354 Alexander, Ernest Mr Ernest Edward Alexander 1872 Backbencher
6371 Alexander, Maurice Lieutenant-Colonel Maurice Alexander 1889 Backbencher
6425 Alexander, Richard Mr Richard Thain Alexander 1934 Backbencher
6384 Alexander, William Brigadier-General Sir William Alexander 1874 Backbencher
2998 Alison, Michael Mr Michael James Haigh Alison 1926 Minister of State
88 Allan, Richard Mr Richard Beecroft Allan 1966 Backbencher
6418 Allan, Robert Commander Robert Alexander Allan 1914 Parliamentary Secretary
1819 Allan, William Sir William Allan 1837 Backbencher
6408 Allason, James Mr James Harry Allason 1912 Parliamentary Private Secretary
2973 Allason, Rupert Mr Rupert William Simon Allason 1951 Backbencher
2999 Allaun, Frank Mr Frank Julian Allaun 1913 Parliamentary Private Secretary
3000 Allcroft, John Mr John Derby Allcroft 1822 Backbencher
3001 Alldritt, Walter Mr Walter Harold Alldritt 1918 Backbencher
6334 Allen, Arthur Mr Arthur Acland Allen 1868 Backbencher
6392 Allen, Arthur Mr Arthur Cecil Allen 1887 Junior Whip
755 Allen, Charles Mr Charles Francis Egerton Allen 1847 Backbencher
6340 Allen, Charles Major Charles Peter Allen 1861 Backbencher