Members born in this country

Rush Id Member Name Full Name Year of Birth Highest Office
3007 Alport, Cuthbert Mr Cuthbert James McCall Alport 1912 Minister of State
3008 Alsager, Richard Mr Richard Alsager Backbencher
3009 Alstead, Robert Mr Robert Alstead 1873 Backbencher
3010 Alston, Rowland Mr Rowland Alston Backbencher
3013 Alton, David Mr David Patrick Paul Alton 1951 Backbencher
1113 Ambrose, William Mr William Ambrose 1832 Backbencher
1114 Amcotts, Weston Lieutenant-Colonel Weston Cracroft Amcotts 1815 Backbencher
3016 Amery, Julian Mr Harold Julian Amery 1919 Minister of State
3017 Amery, Leo Lieutenant-Colonel Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett Amery 1873 Cabinet Minister
90 Amess, David Mr David Anthony Andrew Amess 1952 Parliamentary Private Secretary
1115 Amherst, William Mr William Amhurst Tyssen Amherst 1835 Backbencher
3018 Ammon, Charles Mr Charles George Ammon 1873 Parliamentary Secretary
3020 Amos, Alan Mr Alan Thomas Amos 1952 Backbencher
1116 Amphlett, Richard Sir Richard Paul Amphlett 1809 Backbencher
91 Ancram, Michael Earl Of Michael Ancram 1945 Minister of State
6344 Anderson, Alan Sir Alan Garrett Anderson 1877 Backbencher
6390 Anderson, Alexander Mr Alexander Anderson 1888 Backbencher
6331 Anderson, Andrew Mr Andrew Macbeth Anderson 1862 Law Officer
6291 Anderson, Arthur Mr Arthur Anderson 1792 Backbencher
1117 Anderson, Charles Mr Charles Henry Anderson 1838 Backbencher