Rush Id Member Name Full Name Year of Birth Highest Office
1116 Amphlett, Richard Sir Richard Paul Amphlett 1809 Backbencher
6344 Anderson, Alan Sir Alan Garrett Anderson 1877 Backbencher
6292 Anderson, James Sir James Anderson 1800 Backbencher
6410 Anderson, John Sir John Anderson 1882 Cabinet Minister
3024 Angell, Ralph Sir Ralph Norman Angell 1872 Backbencher
6341 Anson, William Sir William Reynell Anson 1843 Parliamentary Secretary
1121 Anstruther, Robert Sir Robert Anstruther 1834 Backbencher
3029 Anstruther-Gray, William Sir William John St Clair Anstruther-Gray 1905 Speaker/Deputy
6299 Armstrong, Andrew Sir Andrew Armstrong 1786 Backbencher
3041 Arnott, John Sir John Arnott 1846 Backbencher
1998 Arrol, William Sir William Arrol 1839 Backbencher
6406 Ashton, Hubert Sir Hubert Ashton 1898 Pps
3047 Aske, Robert Sir Robert William Aske 1872 Backbencher
6304 Astley, Jacob Sir Jacob Astley 1797 Backbencher
6305 Astley, John Sir John Dugdale Astley 1778 Backbencher
1137 Astley, John Sir John Dugdale Astley 1828 Backbencher
6306 Atherton, William Sir William Atherton 1806 Backbencher
2908 Aubrey-Fletcher, Henry Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher 1835 Backbencher
6363 Austin, Herbert Sir Herbert Austin 1866 Backbencher
1982 Austin, John Sir John Austin 1824 Backbencher
Member (Alternative names)
Sir William (William Fenwick) Williams of Kars (Title)
Sir Glynne (Glynne Earles) Welby-Gregory (A.K.A.)
Sir William (William Rees Morgan) Rees-Davies (A.K.A.)
Sir Nathaniel (Nathaniel Mayer) de Rothschild (A.K.A.)
Sir Philip (Philip) Cunliffe-Lister (A.K.A.)
Sir Arthur (Arthur Edward) Middleton (A.K.A.)