Rush Id Member Name Full Name Year of Birth Highest Office
1143 Baden-Powell, George Sir George Smyth Baden-Powell 1847 Backbencher
1145 Baggallay, Richard Sir Richard Baggallay 1816 Backbencher
1146 Bagge, William Sir William Bagge 1810 Backbencher
1959 Bailey, James Sir James Bailey 1840 Backbencher
1148 Bailey, Joseph Sir Joseph Russell Bailey 1840 Backbencher
6508 Bailey, Joseph Sir Joseph Bailey 1783 Backbencher
7699 Baillie, Adrian Sir Adrian William Maxwell Baillie 1898 Backbencher
3087 Bain, James Sir James Bain 1818 Backbencher
1155 Baines, Edward Sir Edward Baines 1800 Backbencher
1824 Baker, John Sir John Baker 1828 Backbencher
7664 Baker, Randolf Sir Randolf Littlehales Baker 1879 Backbencher
8394 Baldwin, Archer Sir Archer Ernest Baldwin 1883 Backbencher
1159 Balfour, George Sir George Balfour 1809 Backbencher
7657 Barclay, Thomas Sir Thomas Barclay 1853 Backbencher
6535 Baring, Francis Sir Francis Thornhill Baring 1796 Cabinet Minister
7658 Baring, Godfrey Sir Godfrey Baring 1871 Pps
2907 Barlow, John Sir John Emmott Barlow 1857 Backbencher
8689 Barlow, John Sir John Denman Barlow 1898 Backbencher
1169 Barne, Frederick Sir Frederick St John Newdigate Barne 1841 Backbencher
3109 Barnston, Harry Sir Harry Barnston 1870 Pps
Member (Alternative names)
Sir William (William Fenwick) Williams of Kars (Title)
Sir Glynne (Glynne Earles) Welby-Gregory (A.K.A.)
Sir William (William Rees Morgan) Rees-Davies (A.K.A.)
Sir Nathaniel (Nathaniel Mayer) de Rothschild (A.K.A.)
Sir Philip (Philip) Cunliffe-Lister (A.K.A.)
Sir Arthur (Arthur Edward) Middleton (A.K.A.)