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Rush Id Member Name Full Name Year of Birth Highest Office
5526 Rea, Walter Mr Walter Russell Rea 1873 Chief Whip/Deputy
741 Read, Clare Mr Clare Sewell Read 1826 Parliamentary Secretary
5527 Reade, William Mr William Morris Reade 1787 Backbencher
5528 Reakes, George Mr George Leonard Reakes 1889 Backbencher
5529 Rearden, Denis Mr Denis Joseph Rearden Backbencher
742 Rebow, John Mr John Gurdon Rebow 1799 Backbencher
2895 Reckitt, Harold Mr Harold James Reckitt 1868 Backbencher
9847 Reckless, Mark Mark Reckless 1970
5530 Reddy, Michael Mr Michael Reddy Backbencher
5531 Redhead, Edward Mr Edward Charles Redhead 1902 Minister of State
5532 Redington, Thomas Mr Thomas Nicholas Redington 1815 Backbencher
5533 Redmayne, Martin Mr Martin Redmayne 1910 Parliamentary Secretary
2175 Redmond, John Mr John Edward Redmond 1856 Backbencher
6463 Redmond, John Mr John Edward Redmond 1806 Backbencher
9361 Redmond, Martin Mr Martin Redmond 1937 Backbencher
8861 Redmond, Robert Mr Robert Spencer Redmond 1919 Backbencher
2146 Redmond, William Mr William Hoey Kearney Redmond 1861 Backbencher
6498 Redmond, William Mr William Archer Redmond 1886 Backbencher
743 Redmond, William Mr William Archer Redmond 1825 Backbencher
571 Redwood, John Mr John Alan Redwood 1951 Cabinet Minister