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Rush Id Member Name Full Name Year of Birth Highest Office
10315 Qaisar-Javed, Anum Anum Qaisar-Javed
5486 Quennell, Joan Miss Joan Mary Quennell 1923 Parliamentary Private Secretary
5487 Quibell, David Mr David John Kinsley Quibell 1879 Backbencher
1947 Quilter, Cuthbert Mr William Cuthbert Quilter 1841 Backbencher
7648 Quilter, William Mr William Eley Cuthbert Quilter 1873 Backbencher
9811 Quin, Jeremy Jeremy Quin 1968
565 Quin, Joyce Ms Joyce Gwendolen Quin 1944 Minister of State
9810 Quince, Will William Quince 1982
566 Quinn, Lawrie Mr Lawrence William Quinn 1956 Parliamentary Private Secretary
7151 Quinn, Peter Mr Peter Quinn 1814 Backbencher
2802 Quinn, Thomas Mr Thomas Quinn 1838 Backbencher
10129 Qureshi, Yasmin Yasmin Qureshi 1963