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Rush Id Member Name Full Name Year of Birth Highest Office
6685 Sharman-Crawford, William Mr William Sharman-Crawford 1781 Backbencher
5717 Sharp, Granville Lieutenant-Colonel Granville Maynard Sharp 1906 Parliamentary Private Secretary
7201 Sharpe, Matthew Lieutenant-General Matthew Sharpe Backbencher
1914 Sharpe, William Mr William Edward Thompson Sharpe 1833 Backbencher
5718 Sharples, Richard Mr Richard Christopher Sharples 1916 Minister of State
7718 Shaw, Alexander Honourable Alexander Shaw 1883 Backbencher
7748 Shaw, Archibald Colonel Archibald Douglas Macinnes Shaw 1895 Backbencher
8397 Shaw, Arnold Mr Arnold John Shaw 1909 Parliamentary Private Secretary
8436 Shaw, Clarice Miss Clarice Marion McNab Shaw 1882 Backbencher
9383 Shaw, David Mr David Lawrence Shaw 1950 Backbencher
9450 Shaw, Frederick Mr Frederick Shaw 1799 Backbencher
9451 Shaw, Geoffrey Mr Geoffrey Reginald Devereux Shaw 1896 Backbencher
8701 Shaw, Giles Mr John Giles Dunkerley Shaw 1931 Minister of State
7974 Shaw, Helen Mrs Helen Brown Shaw 1879 Backbencher
604 Shaw, Jonathan Mr Jonathan Rowland Shaw 1966 Backbencher
8767 Shaw, Michael Mr Michael Norman Shaw 1920 Parliamentary Private Secretary
8167 Shaw, Peter Major Peter Stapleton Shaw 1888 Backbencher
841 Shaw, Richard Mr Richard Shaw 1825 Backbencher
2865 Shaw, Theodore Mr Theodore Frederick Charles Edward Shaw 1859 Backbencher
2914 Shaw, Thomas Mr Thomas Shaw 1850 Law Officer