Opposition front benches

Secretary of State (Children, Schools and Families) 1035
Shadow Advocate-General for Scotland 996
Shadow Attorney General 11
Shadow Cabinet Minister for Disabled People's Rights 1190
Shadow Cabinet Minister (Work and Pensions) 1196
Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 1445
Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer 12
Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury 13
Shadow Chief Whip (Commons) 6
Shadow Chief Whip (Lords) 954
Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons 1
Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Lords 997
Shadow Deputy Prime Minister 1203
Shadow Deputy Prime Minister and Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport 876
Shadow DUP Leader of the House of Commons 1115
Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Brexit) 1400
Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) 1403
Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Business, Innovation and Skills) 1122
Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Business in the House of Commons) 1273
Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Cabinet Office) 1269