Full Name Short name Notes
New Party New Party
No2EU Formed for the 2009 EU elections; also contested the 2014 EU elections.
Northern Party Founded 1 April 2015; voluntarily deregistered 8 April 2016.
Official Monster Raving Loony Party OMRLP
Official Unionist Party OUP
Plaid Cymru PC
Protestant Unionist Party PUP Founded 1966. Dissolved 1971.
Referendum Party Referendum
Republican Labour Rep. Lab
Respect Respect
Scottish Labour Party Scot. Lab. Founded 1976
Scottish National Party SNP formerly named as Sottish Nationalist Party
Scottish Parliamentary Labour Party SPLP
Scottish Prohibition Party SPP
Scottish Workers' Representation Committee SWRC
Sinn Fein Sinn Fein
Social Democratic Federation SDF
Social Democratic & Labour Party SDLP
Social Democratic Party SDP Founded 1981, merged with Liberal Party 1988.
Socialist Socialist