Full Name Short name Notes
Liberal Democrat Party Lib. Dem. Founded 1988 by merger of Liberal Party and SDP.
Liberal Home Rule Lib-HR
Liberal-Labour Lib.-Lab.
Liberal National Lib. Nat.
Liberal Party Liberal
Liberal Party Liberal Merged with SDP 1988.
Liberal Unionist LU 1886-1912. Split from Liberal Party over Irish Home Rule issue; absorbed into Conservative Party in 1912.
National Democratic Nat. Dem.
National Democratic Party NDP Formed 1918?
National Irish Labour NI Lab
Nationalist Nationalist
Nationalist (Anti-Parnellite) Nat. (A-P)
Nationalist Independent Nat. Ind
Nationalist (Parnellite) Nat. (P)
National Labour Nat. Lab.
National Liberal Nat. Lib.
National Liberal and Conservative Nat. Lib. & Con.
National Party National Not to be confused with various Nationalist parties
National Socialist Party NSP
National Unionist Nat. Unionist