Member Political Organisation
Idris Owen National Federation of Building Trades Employers
Almeric Paget National Unionist Association
Almeric Paget National Union of Conservative Associations
Almeric Paget Tariff Reform League
William Raeburn Chamber of Shipping
Keith Raffan Pressure for Economic and Social Toryism
Peter Raffan Band of Hope & Temperance Union
Peter Raffan English League for the Taxation of Land Values
Frank Raffety Social and Political Education League
Alexander Ramsay Engineering and Allied Employers' National Federation
Eugene Ramsden National Union of Conservative Associations
Harry Randall Workers Educational Association
Robert Rankin Royal Empire Society
Arthur Ratcliffe National Federation of Master Painters and Decorators
Eleanor Rathbone National Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship
William Ray Electrical Development Association
Ralph Rayner Royal Society of St George
Henry Reed National Union of Conservative Associations
Arthur Reed Papermakers' Association
Timothy Renton Conservative Trade Union Association