Party group

Political Organisation
Bow Group
Local Conservative Association
Conservative Association
Ulster Unionist Council
Socalist League
UPUK Alliance
Young Liberals
Monday Club
Labour League of Youth
National Labour
Liberal National Party EC
Federation of Conservative Students
Young Conservatives
Scottish Liberal
Selsdon Group
National Liberal Foundation
Socialist Christian League
1922 Committee
National Liberal Federation
Christian Socialist Movement
Liberal Radical Candidates Association
Society of Conservative Lawyers
Tory Reform Committee
Lib Unionist Association
Western Liberal Federation
Council of Scottish Liberal Associations
Pressure for Economic and Social Toryism
Liberal Federation
Birmingham Liberal Association
Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform
Social Democratic Party
Liberal Union of Ireland
Liberal and Radical Association
Junior Conservative Association
Women's National Liberal Federation
Radical Parliamentary Group
National Unionist Association
Labour Co-ordination Committee
Society of Labour Lawyers
Association of Conservative Clubs
International Socialist Bureau
Campaign for Labour Party Democracy
Co-operative movement
Liberal Association
National Executive Committee
East Midlands Council Nat Lib Org
Unionist Association
Cons Small Business Bureau
Young Socialists
Young Scots for Independence
International Marxist Group
Womens' Labour League
Socialist Medical Association
National Council of Labour
Nat Fed Lib Assocs
Irish National League
Irish Unionist Alliance
Womens Unionist Association
Conservative and Unionist Organisation
Irish National Party
Working Mens' Conservative Association
Anglo-Asian Conservative Association
London Liberal Federation
Conservatives for Europe
Irish Socialist Republican Party
Unionist Labour
Scottish Unionist Association
Scottish Conservatives
Liberal Unionist Federation
Society of Labour Candidates
Labour Campaign for Free Movement
Young Labour
All Party Parliamentary Group on Adult Social Care