All schools

Name Category Notes
Wadebridge School Comprehensive
Wade Deacon Grammar School Grammar Widnes.
Waimer College, Nelson Miscellaneous
Wakefield Girls School Comprehensive
Wakefield Proprietory Other private
Wakefield Technical College FE college
Walford College FE college Merged with North Shropshire College in Oswestry and Whitchurch in 2001 to form Walford and North Shropshire College.
Wallasey Grammar School Grammar
Wallingford School Comprehensive Oxfordshire.
Wallington Boys' Grammar School Grammar Surrey.
Walthamstow Higher Elementary School Elementary
Walton-on-Thames Secondary Modern School Secondary modern
Walverden Council School Elementary Nelson, Lancashire.
Walworth Comprehensive Comprehensive
Wanstead County High School Grammar
Wardley Grammar School Grammar
Warrington Grammar School Grammar
Warwick School Public
Washington Comprehensive Comprehensive Formerly Washington Grammar School. Washington Academy after 2017.
Washington Grammar School Grammar Became Washington Comprehensive (around 1990), then Washington Academy after 2017.