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Rush Id Member Name Full Name Year of Birth Highest Office
9433 Ord, William Mr William Henry Ord 1803 Non Cabinet Minister
5288 Ord, William Mr William Ord 1781 Backbencher
5289 Orde-Powlett, William Honourable William George Algar Orde-Powlett 1869 Backbencher
2702 O'Reilly, Myles Major Myles William O'Reilly 1825 Backbencher
9432 O'Reilly, William Mr William O'Reilly Backbencher
538 Organ, Diana Mrs Diana Mary Organ 1952 Backbencher
5290 Orme, Stan Mr Stanley Orme 1923 Cabinet Minister
5291 Ormelie, John John Ormelie 1796 Backbencher
5292 Ormiston, Thomas Mr Thomas Ormiston 1878 Backbencher
7614 Ormsby-Gore, George Honourable George Ormsby-Gore 1855 Backbencher
2703 Ormsby-Gore, John Mr John Ralph Ormsby-Gore 1816 Backbencher
7613 Ormsby-Gore, Seymour Honourable Seymour Fitzroy Ormsby-Gore 1863 Backbencher
8335 Ormsby-Gore, William Mr William George Arthur Ormsby-Gore 1885 Cabinet Minister
4137 Ormsby-Gore, William Mr William Richard Ormsby-Gore 1819 Backbencher
8949 Ormsby-Gore, William Mr William David Ormsby-Gore 1918 Minister of State
4140 Ormsby-Gore, William Mr William Ormsby-Gore 1779 Backbencher
5293 Orr, Lawrence Mr Lawrence Percy Story Orr 1918 Backbencher
2705 Orr-Ewing, Archibald Mr Archibald Orr Orr-Ewing 1819 Backbencher
1999 Orr-Ewing, Charles Mr Charles Lindsay Orr-Ewing 1860 Backbencher
8427 Orr-Ewing, Ian Mr Charles Ian Orr-Ewing 1912 Parliamentary Secretary