Trade Union Connection Type: Member

Member Trade Union
Sydney Bidwell National Union of Railwaymen
Sydney Bidwell Transport and General Workers Union
Geoffrey Bing ASSET
Joseph Binns ASW
Edward Bishop Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union
Edward Bishop Draughtsman's Union
Albert Blackburn National Union of Journalists
Fred Blackburn National Union of Teachers
Tony Blair Transport and General Workers Union
Arthur Blenkinsop Clerical and Administrative Workers' Union
David Blunkett National Association of Teachers in Further & Higher Education
David Blunkett National Union of Public Employees
William Blyton Miners Federation of Great Britain
William Blyton National Union of Mineworkers
Harold Boardman Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers
Nicholas Bonsor National Farmers Union
Albert Booth Draughtsmans
Albert Booth Amalgamated Engineering Union
Albert Booth Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers
Betty Boothroyd General Municipal & Boilermakers Union