All universities

Name Category Notes
Balliol College Oxford
Battersea Polytechnic Polytechnic
Bedford College London
Birkbeck College London
Birmingham Polytechnic Polytechnic
Bishops' Theological College Miscellaneous Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.
Blackfriars Oxford
Borough Polytechnic Institute Polytechnic London. Founded in 1892, became Polytechnic of the South Bank in 1970, South Bank Polytechnic in 1987, South Bank University in 1992 and London South Bank University in 2003.
Bournemouth Polytechnic Polytechnic Bournemouth University after 1992.
Bournemouth University Other UK university Bournemouth Polytechnic until 1992.
BPP Law School Other UK university
Brasenose College Oxford
Brighton Polytechnic Polytechnic University of Brighton after 1992.
Bristol College of Law Law school
Bristol Polytechnic Polytechnic University of the West of England after 1992.
Britannia Royal Naval College Service college Dartmouth.
Brunel University Other UK university