All universities

Name Category Notes
Salford, University of Other UK university
Sapienza Università di Roma Overseas Sapienza; University of Rome. Rome, Italy.
School of Oriental and African Studies London
School of Slavonic and East European Studies London
Seale Hayne College Agricultural college Became part of University of Plymouth 1993.
Selwyn College Cambridge
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Overseas Shanghai, China.
Sheffield Hallam University Other UK university Sheffield Polytechnic until 1992.
Sheffield Polytechnic Polytechnic Sheffield Hallam University after 1992.
Sheffield, University of Other UK university
Sidney Sussex College Cambridge
Somerville College Oxford
Sorbonne Université Overseas University of Paris. Paris, France.
South Africa, University of Overseas Pretoria, South Africa. Formerly University of the Cape of Good Hope (until 1916).
Southampton, University of Other UK university
South Bank Polytechnic
South Bank Polytechnic Polytechnic South Bank University after 1992
South Bank University Other UK university South Bank Polytechnic until 1992.
Staff College Service college Camberley, Surrey.
Staffordshire Polytechnic Polytechnic Staffordshire University after 1992.