All universities

Name Category Notes
Nantes University Overseas
Napier College of Science and Technology Polytechnic Napier University after 1992
Napier University Other UK University Napier College of Science and Technology until 1992
National College of Business Administration and Economics, Lahore Overseas
National University of Ireland Irish University
Naval College, Portsmouth Service College
Newcastle Polytechnic Polytechnic University of Northumbria after 1992
New College Oxford
New Hall Cambridge
Newnham College Cambridge
New York University Overseas
North London Polytechnic Polytechnic University of North London after 1992
North-West London Polytechnic Polytechnic
Nottingham Law School Law School
Nottingham Polytechnic Polytechnic Nottingham Trent University after 1992
Nottingham Trent University Other UK University Nottingham Polytechnic until 1992
Nuffield College Oxford