All universities

Name Category Notes
Magdalen College Oxford
Magdalene College Cambridge
Manchester Business School Other UK university
Manchester City College Other UK university
Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, University of Other UK university
Manchester Metropolitan University Other UK university Manchester Polytechnic until 1992.
Manchester Polytechnic Polytechnic Manchester Metropolitan University after 1992.
Manchester, University of Other UK university
Mansfield College Oxford
Marischall College Other UK university Aberdeen.
Maryland, University of Overseas College Park, Maryland, USA.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Overseas MIT. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
McGill University Overseas Montreal, Canada.
Melbourne, University of Overseas Melbourne, Australia.
Merton College Oxford
Michigan, University of Overseas Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
Middlesex Polytechnic Polytechnic Middlesex University after 1992.
Middlesex University Other UK university Middlesex Polytechnic until 1992.
Middle Temple Law school
Minnesota, University of Overseas Minnesota, USA.