All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Berry, Lulu Edgar Granville daughter of P.T. Berry
Bertie, Mary Caroline Edmund Talbot died 1938 daughter of 7th Earl of Abingdon
Bertie, Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Charles Schreiber daughter of 9th Earl of Lindsey; widow of Sir Josiah Guest MP, Bart
Best, Georgina Louisa John Tollemache died 1846 daughter of John Best
Bettesworth, Hannah Althea Edward Ellice daughter of 1st Earl Grey; widow of Captain Bettesworth, R.N.
Bevan, Aneurin Jennie Lee 1897-1960
Bevan, Caroline Mary John Chichester
Bevan, unknown Harold Boyce daughter of Edward Philip Bevan
Beveridge, Annie Thomas Harbison daughter of John Beveridge, Dublin Town Clerk
Bevington, Mary Cuthbert Quilter daughter of John Wheeley Bevington, of Brighton
Bewick, Florence Macdonald Wallace Wright daughter of Richard Bewick, of Atlanta, U.S.A.
Bewicke-Copley, Hon Philipa Selina Carol Mather daughter of 5th Baron Cromwell
Biggs, Mary Joseph Crook
Bigland, unknown David Morgan daughter of A Bigland
Billson, Mary Elizabeth Margaret Brooks Wood daughter of Sir Alfred Billson MP
Bilsland, unknown John Colville daughter of Sir William Bilsland Bt
Bindley, unknown Joseph Williams daughter of Mr Bindley, of Birmingham
Bingham, Blanche Louisa Charles Wright daughter of Henry Corles Bingham
Bingham, Rachel Cecilia Cuthbert Alport daughter of Lieut-Colonel R.C. Bingham
Bingham, Lady Elizabeth George Harcourt daughter of 2nd Earl of Lucan