All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Napier, Hon. Maria Margaret John Hubbard daughter of 8th Baron Napier
Napier, unknown James Whiteside daughter of William Napier, of Belfast
Napier, Hon. Eliza John Hay daughter of 8th Baron Napier
Napier Harvey, Dr Phoebe
Narracoft, unknown Ernest Brown daughter of RB Narracoft
Nast, Leslie Mark Bonham Carter daughter of Condé Nast
Neale, unknown Joseph Alpass daughter of John Neale
Neale, Grace Elizabeth Harry Neale daughter of Robert Neale, of Shaw House, Wiltshire
Neale, unknown Francis Blake
Neden, Mary George Sandars died 1847 daughter of George Neden, of Ardwick, Northumberland
Neeld, Evelyn Mary Philip Wroughton daughter of Sir John Neeld, Bart
Neft, Rosa Lewis Silkin died 1947 daughter of
Neilson, Marjorie John Newbold
Nelley, Charlotte Annie John Walcott died 1863 daughter of Colonel John Nelley
Nellis, Mary Virginia Richard Law died 1978 daughter of A.F. Nellis, of Rochester, New York
Nemon-Stuart, Aurelia George Young
Nesbit, Cathleen Cecil Ramage an actress
Ness, Eliza Cecilia George Elliot daughter of James Ness
Nettleship, Mary Ann William Angerstein daughter of William Nettleship
Neumann, Sybil Robert Grimston died 1977 daughter of Sir Sigismund Neumann, Bart