All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Eadie, Carolyn Michael Portillo
Eales, Elizabeth Michael Williams died 1852 daughter of Richard Eales, of Eastdon House, Devon
Eames, Ann Lawrie Quinn
Eames, Sarah Thomas Myers
Earnshaw, Mary A Gladys James Harrison
East, Eleanor Mary John Westenra died 1838 widow of Sir Filbert East, Bart
East, Margaret Graham Tope daughter of Frank East
Eastham, Kathryn Jane Alistair Carmichael
Easton, Frances Keith Stainton
Eastwood, Catherine Mark Eastwood
Eastwood, Agnes Mary Philip Bell
Eaton, Maria Louise John Reid daughter of Richard Eaton, of Stetchworth Park, Cambridgeshire
Eaton, Mrs Jane Joseph Martin
Eaton, Mabel Laura James Theobald daughter of W. Eaton, of Cheshire
Eatwell, Lyn Bernard Weatherill daughter of H.T. Eatwell
Eccles, unknown Norman Craig daughter of E Storrock Eccles JP
Ede, Philadelphia Mary Benjamin Oliveira daughter of John Ede, merchant, of London
Edelston, Mary Elizabeth George Toulmin daughter of T. Edelston, of Preston
Eden, Charlotte Maria Alexander Dickson daughter of Hon. Reverend William Eden; widow of Lord North
Edgar, Jessie Robert Collie died 1928 daughter of John Edgar