All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Lacaita, Sidney George Windsor-Clive died 1935 daughter of Charles Lacaita MP
Lacey, Gertrude Elizabeth Benjamin Smith daughter of E.A. Lacey
Ladenburg, unknown Leonard Franklin daughter of W Ladenburg
Lady Blanche, Unknown James Balfour daughter of Marq of Salisbury
Laide, unknown Daniel O'Leary daughter of Patrick Laide, of Tralee
Lake, unknown Arthur Bignold daughter of John Lake
Lake, unknown Neil Marten daughter of Vice-Admiral WJC Lake
Lalor, unknown Richard Bellew daughter of John Lalor
Lalor, unknown Michael Molloy daughter of J Lalor
Lamb, Hannah Ernest Armstrong daughter of Thomas and Margaret Lamb, of Sunderland
Lambard, unknown Martin Conway daughter of C Lambard
Lambart, Fanny Robert Metge daughter of Reverend Charles Lambart, of Navan
Lambert, unknown Llewellyn Atherley-Jones daughter of J Lambert
Lambert, Violet Agnes John Gilmour daughter of E.T. Lambert, of Telham Court, Sussex; sister of his first wife
Lambert, unknown Robert Kay daughter of Reverend Thomas Thornton Lambert, Wesleyan Minister
Lambert, unknown David Hardman daughter of Herbert Lambert
Lambert, unknown John Treeby daughter of James Lambert
Lambert, Lucy John Benett daughter of Edmund Lambert, of Boyton House, Wiltshire
Lambert, Mary Louis John Gilmour died 1919 daughter of E.T. Lambert, of Telham Court, Sussex
Lambirth, Frances Joseph Hardcastle died 1865 daughter of H.W. Lambirth