All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Faber, Anna Constance Thomas Richardson daughter of Reverend John C. Faber, of Cricklade, Wiltshire
Fahnestock, Margaret Henry Drummond-Wolff
Faire, unknown John Edwards daughter of Sir Samuel Faire
Fairweather, Margaret Alexander Whyte daughter of Reverend William Fairweather
Faith, unknown Sheila Faith
Falconar, Ethne Monica John Wright daughter of Dr W.E. Falconar
Falconer, Eleanor Dorothy Richard Tufnell daughter of J.A.K. Falconer, of Calmsden Manor, Cirencester
Falconer, Henrietta John Roebuck daughter of Thomas Falconer, of Bath
Falconer, Hope Hardy William Jackson
Falk, unknown Arthur Lever daughter of Philip Falk
Fane, Clementina Edmund Turton daughter of Sir Spencer Ponsonby Fane
Fane, Augusta Selina Elizabeth Thomas De Grey died 1906 daughter of William Locke; widow of Ernest Fane; divorced from Duc de Santo Teodoro
Fane, Mary Eliza Caroline Anthony Wilson daughter of Reverend Edward Fane, of Fulbeck, Lincolnshire
Fane, Rachel Louisa Edmund Royds died 1943 daughter of Colonel Francis Fane, of Fulbeck
Farcy, Lillian Ada Frederick Farey-Jones
Farley, August Matilda Henry Richard daughter of John Farley, of London
Farmer, Elizabeth Henry Atkinson daughter of Thomas Farmer, of Gunnersbury House, Middlesex
Farmer, Elizabeth
Farmer, unknown Thomas Bayley daughter of Henry Farmer
Farquhar, Sybella Charlotte Anthony Ashley died 1886 daughter of Sir Walter Rockliffe Farquhar, Bart