All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Ibbetson, Laura Marmaduke Wyvill daughter of Sir Charles Ibbetson, Bart
Ibbetson, Eden Henry Selwin widow of Sir Charles Ibbetson, Bart
Ickringill, Ada William Edge daughter of I. Ickringill, of Keighley
Ilbert, Lettice Herbert Fisher daughter of Sir Courtenay Ilbert
Imrie, Alison Mary Ivor Richard daughter of J. Imrie
Ingalls, Gladys Malcolm Robertson daughter of Melville E. Ingalls, of Washington, DC, U.S.A.
Ingham, Evelyn Ernest Thornton daughter of Frederick Ingham
Inglis, Helen Anne Jack Browne
Ingraham, unknown Theodore Taylor daughter of W.J.P. Ingraham, of Philadelphia, U.S.A.
Ingram, unknown Arthur Brand daughter of Joseph Ingram
Ingram, Margaret McFarlane Harry Gourlay
Ingram, unknown Edward Watkin daughter of W. Little and widow of Herbert Ingram
Ingram, Nicky Paul Tyler daughter of Michael Ingram
Ingram, Unknown William Beckett sister of H.C.M. Ingram
Innes, Mary Robert Finlay died 1911 daughter of Cosmo Innes, advocate
Innes, Judy Michael Astor daughter of Paul Innes
Innes-Ker, Lady Isabel Guy Wilson died 1905 daughter of 7th Duke of Roxburgh
Insole, Lesley David Wright
Irranca, Joanna Huw Irranca-Davies
Irvine, unknown John Burnett daughter of Captain DM Irvine