All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Maberley, unknown George Smith daughter of John Maberley
MacAlpine, Colina MacAskill Thomas Oswald daughter of Archibald MacAlpine, of Ballachulish, Argyllshire
Macan, unknown Wilfred Lawson daughter of Turner A Macan
MacArthur, unknown Stephen McAdden, John Macpherson daughter of RD MacArthur, master mariner
MacAskile, unknown Alexander Livingstone daughter of Donald M MacAskile
MacAskill, Susan Kenny MacAskill
MacAskill, Alison Kenny MacAskill
Macauley, Sarah Gordon Brown
MacColl, Daphne George Reid daughter of Calum MacColl
Macdonald, unknown Alan Burgoyne daughter of E Macdonald
Macdonald, Louisa Alfred Baldwin daughter of Reverend GB Macdonald
Macdonald, Peter Margo MacDonald
Macdonald, unknown George Esslemont daughter of Ronald Macdonald
Macdonald, Elsie Llywelyn Williams daughter of Gordon Macdonald MP (1st Baron Macdonald of Gwaensygor)
Macdonald, Flora Joseph Richardson died 1897 daughter of James MacDonald, of Birkenhead
MacDonald, Margo Jim Sillars herself a former MP
Macdonald Martin, Flora James Horlick
MacDonnell, unknown Valentine Blake daughter of Robert MacDonnell
MacDonnell, Jane Frances Philip Callan
Macduff, unknown Walter Forrest widow of JW Macduff