All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Bachelor, unknown Thomas Keens daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Bachelor
Backus, unknown Albert Bennett daughter of Jacob Backus
Bacon, Emily Thomas Williams daughter of Anthony Bacon, of Benham Park, Berkshire
Bacon, Laura James Wanklyn daughter of Martin Stapylton; widow of Colonel H. Bacon
Bagley, Florinda Nathaniel Alexander daughter of R. Bagley
Bagna, unknown Frederic Harris daughter of David NK Bagna
Bagnall, unknown Samuel Finney daughter of James Bagnall
Bagot, Adela Edmund Wodehouse daughter of Reverend Charles W. Bagot, Rector of Castle Rising, Norfolk
Bailey, Eleanor Anne Albert Rollit died 1885 daughter of William Bailey, of Winstead Hall, Holderness
Bailey, Margaret Eldrydd William Sidney daughter of Major-General T.H. Shoubridge; widow of 3rd Baron Glanusk
Bailey, unknown Robert Morgan daughter of Alfred Henry Bailey
Bailey, Anne Roberta John Wakeham died 1984 daughter of H.E. Bailey
Baillie, Eliza John Ormelie daughter of George Baillie, of Jerviswood
Baillie, Philippa Francis Russell daughter of Henry Baillie MP
Baillie, Mary George Gordon James Haddo daughter of George Baillie, of Jerviswood
Baillie-Hamilton, Lady Georgina Sophia Harry Vernon daughter of 10th Earl of Haddington
Bailward, Beatrice Rowland Prothero died 1899 daughter of John Bailward, of Horsington Manor, Somerset
Bain, Donald Straiton Margaret Bain
Bainbridge, unknown Gerald France TH Bainbridge
Baines, Margaret Charles Reed daughter of Edward Baines MP