All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Hackett, Helen George Gardiner
Hadden, Mary E Thomas Brown
Hadley, unknown William Mitchell daughter of Leonard J Hadley
Haggestone, Marianne Sarah David Robertson daughter of Sir Thomas Haggestone, Bart
Hague, Barbara Harold Walker died 1981 daughter of Cecil Hague
Haig, Sybil Margaret David Thomas daughter of George Augustus Haig, of Penithon, Radnorshire
Haigh, Sylvia Michael Alison daughter of Anthony Haigh
Hain, Kate Denis Shipwright daughter of Sir Edward Hain MP
Haire, unknown daughter of William Haire, farmer
Haldane, Naomi M Gilbert Mitchison daughter of JS Haldane and Kathleen Trotter
Hale, Caroline Henrietta Pascoe Glyn daughter of Captain Amherst Hale
Hale, Gertrude Worthington Evans daughter of William Hale
Halford, Elizabeth Barbara Albert Pell daughter of Sir Henry Halford MP
Hall, Nancy Margaret Joseph Maclay, Gerard Vernon Lymington daughter of R.C. Greig Hall, of Caldwell, Renfrewshire
Hall, unknown William Allen daughter of Joh Hall
Hall, unknown Frederick Hall daughter of Henry Hall
Hall, Enid Frederick Watkins daughter of William Hall, of Rochester
Hall, Sarah Katherine William Coddington
Hall, unknown Arthur Holland daughter of Lewis Dwal Hall JP
Hall, Frances James Clark