All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Abbot, Mary George Young Daughter of John Abbot of Canterbury.
Abbott, Unknown Harold Glanville Daughter of James Abbott, mill furnisher.
Abercromby, Montagu George Boyle 1835- daughter of 3rd Baron Abercromby
Abercromby, Montague Fox Maule daughter of Baron Abercromby
Abney, Unknown William Hall Daughter of Sir William de Wiveleslie Abney.
Abraham, Ellinor Mary Richard Bethell daughter of Robert Abraham
Abraham, Unknown Frederick Perkins died Daughter of A. Abraham, of Brussels.
Abraham, Margaret Edith Harold Tennant daughter of George Whitley Abraham, of Rathgar, County Dublin
Abrahams, Kate Isidore Salmon
Abu-Zayyad, Dr Amireh George Galloway
Acheson, Lady Mary William Cavendish-Bentinck daughter of 1st Earl of Gosford
Acklom, Esther Althorp died 1818 daughter of Richard Acklom
Acland, Agnes Lucy Arthur Mills daughter of Sir Thomas Dyke Acland
Acton, Marie Louise Leveson daughter of Duke of Dalberg, widow of Sir Ferdinand Richard Edward Acton
Adams, Doris Mary John Rhodes daughter of W.H. Adams
Adams, Allen Irene Adams 1946-1990
Adams, Annie Corrie Grant
Adams, Dr Mary Ogilvy Roy Roebuck
Adams, unknown Herbert Grotrian daughter of Robert Adams, barrister
Adams Dick, Margaret Thomas Cassells