All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Jack, Joyce Mary Maclean Curzon daughter of Charles Maclean Jack
Jackson, unknown John Dunlop daughter of Major Gen Sir Richard Downs Jackson
Jackson, Elizabeth Swordy William Whiteley daughter of James Jackson
Jackson, Sophia Gainsford Bruce daughter of Francis Jackson, of Chertsey
Jackson, unknown Philip Hocking daughter of Horace Ernest Jackson
Jackson, Patricia Dorothea Austin Mitchell
Jackson, Gillian Foote Paul Williams daughter of A.G. Howland Jackson and Mrs E.J. Foote
Jackson, Mary Haughton William Feilden daughter of Edmund Jackson, of Jamaica
Jackson, Alma William Middlebrook
Jackson, Mabel Charles Sitch daughter of Edward Jackson, of Goole
Jackson, unknown James Walton daughter of William Jackson
Jalland, Emily Robert Webster daughter of Boswell Middleton Jalland
James, Eva Margaret Thomas Ashton daughter of J.H. James
James, Marianne John Byng daughter of Sir Walter James, Bart
James, Evelyn Edward Williams daughter of David James, of Pontypridd
James, Ethel Leslie Scott daughter of H.A. James
James, Emily Jane Henry Hardinge daughter of 1st Marquess of Londonderry; widow of John James
James, Louisa James O'Grady died 1929
James, May Jacqueline George Salis-Schwabe daughter of Sir W. Milbourne James, Lord Justice of Appeal
Jameson, Ethelwynne Gladys John Watson daughter of Ralph Jameson, of Stockton-on-Tees